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Plotting Sheets

Plotting sheets for the latest (2019 onwards) NRA target faces for Bisley ranges. It’s recommended these are printed in high quality (adjust print settings), on 100-150gsm card in A4 size. Ordinary printer paper soaks easily in rain and flies away on windy days.

Short Range (300x, 500x, 600x) – Link

Long Range (900x, 1000x) – Link

“Cadet” (300x,500x,600x,900x,1000x; Zoomed out for larger group sizes) – Link

Plotting sheets also available for NRA 400x, 1100x, 1200; ICFRA, Palma & SABU targets – ask Simon.

How to plot

An excellent guide on how to use the plotting sheet is available here.

An exercise book for practicing plotting is also available. Recommend printing double-sided and binding at the left side like a book, such that you plot on the left side and check the “solution” on the right. Link

How to use Vernier Scales

A good video is available here to explain how TR sights work, with particular focus on how to read the vernier scale.

Recommended Literature

The Wind Book for Rifle Shooters

An excellent book on wind coaching specific to TR which gives an accurate and concise guide for the beginner/intermediate – Link

Ways of the Rifle (2009)

Although heavily focused on ISSF smallbore / air shooting, the sections on sighting, trigger release and prone position are entirely applicable to TR. This is arguably the most accurate and extensive guide on the subject. Link

Ballistics Calculator

Occasionally useful for estimating zeros and cobbling together wind charts for odd ranges – Link