OC Rifle Club

Season Wind-up and AGM 2012

October 13th, 2012

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The weather forecast predicted a cloudy but mainly dry day with a few isolated showers. So it turned out, more or less. In addition there was a wind that proved surprisingly tricky at times. Ruefully, it can be told that all the isolated showers seemed to be rolled up into one heavy downpour that took place precisely during the detail shared by Tim Cross and your reporter, Ted Eilley, at 300 yards. We got as wet as we did at the Prize Meeting. The scores, in general for the afternoon, were on the low side. The AGM took place after shooting, starting at 18.00 and finishing at 19.00. The Agenda was:


1. Apologies for absence
2. Minutes of the last Annual General Meeting
3. Matters arising from the Minutes
4. Hon. Secretary’s Report
5. Hon. Treasurer’s Report
6. Election of Officers
7. Fixtures and arrangements for 2013
8. Any other business
Rob Pile, Hon. Sec. OCRC

This is our final report under the arrangement that has prevailed since 2000 when most individuals had only dial-up access to the Internet and one of our aims was to maximise the information per byte. We will lose our present hosting at the end of this month (October 2012) and for next season we have a project under way to relaunch the OCRC web site with a more up to date look to it. It will remain our objective to post the news as soon as possible after it happens. If you have not told Ted Eilley that you would like to hear about the new URL you can email him now. “Firing point to butts: Message 10 and thank you for your attention.”

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